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Could Freetrade implement a pass to access the features offered by plus membership for a day?

I’m a member who doesn’t do a lot of trading and only holds a general account so monthly Freetrade plus membership isn’t really for me. However if it was available for a day to access plus stock listings and trading features it would appeal to a wider audience. Even a per transaction basis maybe better for some members.

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I think there should be option to unlock three stocks on plus with the same invite for free share mechanism

So either choose unlock some stocks or get a free share

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But how much would you want to pay for a day pass, because a Month Pass is only £9.99. If a day pass was £2 it would be pretty bad value.


Whilst I appreciate your point, I do wish people would stop trying to get Plus for free/cheaper :joy: FT need X money to run and this is the model they have chosen. If they made it cheaper to dodge this revenue stream then they would need to increase costs elsewhere on the platform which would bring a new set of ideas to reduce that cost. :man_facepalming:

You could deposit whatever each month and then buy plus for 1 month and then cancel and redo in 3 months time.


Yes, but the choice would be yours to make.
There could be tiered Plus levels, maybe £3 for 1 week, then £9.99 for a month. Still makes sense to get the month, but some people might only want a few days. It has to make sense for FT to offer something different to the monthly sub.
I’d be interested to know if you get the Plus for £9.99 per month, are you tied into that for a set amount of time, or can you get 1 month and then cancel? What happens to shares only available to Plus members when you cancel?

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and there’s my answer… Thanks

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It’s one of their major income streams. Obviously they love all the free users but they’re not going to encourage you not to subscribe. Its like asking netflix for a daypass.


I did suggest they should give 3 months plus free instead of or with the share to get people into the Plus universe as most won’t leave once they are in it. :+1: but your option of choice is another good idea.

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You keep them the same as other shares but can’t increase holding until you subscribe again :+1: I’m told it is every 3 months you can re-join.

So, you keep them, and they sit there doing their thing, up and down… But you can’t get more unless you resubscribe. OK. Can you sell them? Or are they locked somehow?
Just curious.

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Yes you can sell exactly like normal and get dividends etc but just can’t buy more. :+1:


You can sell but can’t rebuy unless you are on plus.

I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed a few times due to issues with bugs, and there is no limit on time to rejoin after canceling

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Fab, thanks!

Sorry but this doesn’t match what Freetrade claim so I wouldn’t advise this info.

How do I cancel my Plus membership?

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Plus is a monthly membership, so it can be cancelled anytime.

Head to the profile page in-app via your Portfolio and click ‘Manage your Freetrade Plus’.

From here you can cancel your membership, your account will be automatically downgraded once your current payment period ends.

If you have an ISA and you cancel your Plus subscription, your monthly payment will continue at £3 per month for your ISA unless you also close this in-app.

If you do wish to close your ISA, you can also close this on the profile page.

Note : If you cancel your Plus membership, you will not be able to sign up again for 3 months.

Just to add to the clarification from @Big-g .

You can sell any shares of stocks you own and get the dividends as mentioned.

You can’t buy more of the stocks that are available on the Plus only. There are plenty of stocks we can invest in without Plus, while a smaller amount of stocks are exclusively for Plus subscribers. You would be able to carry on adding up to the stocks available outside Plus even if you had invested in them while subscribed to Plus. It’s the ones that you can buy with a Plus subscription only that you wouldn’t be able to add up to. Makes sense?

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Sadly, as we both know of this thread

All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.

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You can have the plus account for free.
Just leave £4k on the account, and the interest will pay you back what you paid for the plus. :wink:


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Hargrieves Landsdown charge between £6-12 (Per Trade) FT saves thousands/year . Suck it up and pay up my interest each month covers the cost. About 33p a day. The time taken for you to moan costs more even on minimum wage. A single trade on HL @ £11.95 if less than 10 per month FT would have to charge at least £2 a day or charge £5 per trade. Just invest well and make 50p a day and you are sorted 17p after fee.


There could be a chance for extra FT revenue here.

For small investors that do not not pay £120/year extra.

They could pay, say £1 - or whatever is profitable - to trade a Plus stock.

For small non-Plus traders, there is enhanced platform loyalty and an additional income stream for FT.

Rather than say losing them to T212 for a free ISA.

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