Roku Inc - ROKU


One of the best streaming sticks. Would be great to be able to get their stock here.

Anything stopping from finally sharing a fundamentally strong NASDAQ listed stock?
I would have invested in Roku a while back, instead have to use other brokers.
Generally, having as broad a possibility to monitor NASDAQ as possibly totally would be valuable

Can we please have ROKU stock added to the instrument list? Real pitty its not available in the app

Fun fact - on my way to see a friend at Netflix I noticed Roku is right next door in Los Gatos, CA.

From Google Maps:

Who knows how much data itโ€™s sucking out of users and what itโ€™s doing with it, but it translates into cash, as itโ€™s offering competing platforms for people to enjoy (and soon more with AT&T/HBO and Disney+).

YearToDate share price :fire: