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One of the best streaming sticks. Would be great to be able to get their stock here.

Anything stopping from finally sharing a fundamentally strong NASDAQ listed stock?
I would have invested in Roku a while back, instead have to use other brokers.
Generally, having as broad a possibility to monitor NASDAQ as possibly totally would be valuable

Can we please have ROKU stock added to the instrument list? Real pitty its not available in the app

Fun fact - on my way to see a friend at Netflix I noticed Roku is right next door in Los Gatos, CA.

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Who knows how much data it’s sucking out of users and what it’s doing with it, but it translates into cash, as it’s offering competing platforms for people to enjoy (and soon more with AT&T/HBO and Disney+).

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Just released soundbar (which can stream as well).

How many votes does this need to be added to the FT’s universe?

There isn’t a set number of votes needed but they do prioritise those with votes and I’d imagine Roku would be included in the 10X more US stocks coming up

A primer on TV manufacturing economics and dark patterns of apps

Ever wondered why TV sets are getting so cheap? Manufacturing efficiency plays a role. But to paraphrase James Carville, it’s the data, stupid. TVs have joined the ranks of websites, apps and credit cards in the lucrative business of harvesting and sharing your information.

Samsung said its ACR technology also uses fingerprints but declined to be more specific. In my test lab, TVs including the Roku-branded TCL model asked to be logged in with my email address and transmitted snapshots of my entire screen. Good thing I wasn’t watching anything more embarrassing than Betty White reruns.

ACR data reveals a lot more than what’s trending or popular. It’s a tool for marketers to build a trail from what you binge to what you buy.

Other ACR firms, like Sony’s partner Samba TV, use the data to re-target ads you see on TV across your computer and phone. (Smart advertisers also use the data to avoid annoying you by repeating the same ad.)

Roku TVs make it impossible to separate ad-tracking from smart-TV functions like show recommendations. Its ACR opt-in menu is titled “A Better Smart TV Experience from Roku,” and has “Use this info to enhance TV viewing” pre-checked for you.

Samsung buries ACR permission under the heading “Terms & Conditions” — a giant red flag for DO NOT READ. “I agree to all” is also preselected. When I set up my own Samsung TV, I didn’t even realize I could say “no” to any of this.

Companies know we’re easily bamboozled by what are called “dark pattern” designs that make you choose things that aren’t in your best interest.

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Roku shares fall 19% after Pivotal Research’s note. Market cap still above $12 billion.

  • Pivotal Research Group sees Roku, an over-the-top (OTT) streaming device maker, stock falling 55% because it looks “overvalued despite the recent pullback.”
  • Roku shares dropped sharply on Wednesday after Comcast announced it would be giving free Xfinity Flex streaming boxes to its internet-only subscribers, a direct competitor to Roku’s devices.
  • “We see dramatically more competition emerging that will likely drive the cost of OTT devices to zero and put material pressure on advertising revenue,” Pivotal says.

    Roku’s stock dropped over 19% Friday from its previous close of $133.76. Pivotal has a $60 price target on the stock.

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  • Roku shares have more than tripled this year, giving the company a market value of close to $13 billion.
  • Three times in the past two weeks the stock has dropped more than 10% because of announcements from potential competitors.
  • More than half of all hours streamed come from Netflix and YouTube.

    Earlier in the week, Guggenheim analyst Michael Morris raised his price target this week to $170 from $119. His optimism is not based on what’s happening in the U.S., which Roku says accounts for the “vast majority” of revenue, but on the potential for growth in various international markets. Roku took a big step in that direction on Sept. 7, announcing that Chinese manufacturer Hisense will become the first company to sell Roku-powered TVs in Europe later this year.


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Agree. We need a new bitcoin :smiley:

Roku, Inc. is involved in creating streaming platform for delivering entertainment to the television. The Company’s products primarily includes Roku 4, Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku Streaming Stick and accessories such as cables, remote controls, power adapters and headphones. It operates primarily in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Mexico and France. Roku, Inc. is based in SARATOGA, United States.image

One of the big players in streaming - greatly discounted currently!

Under value :frowning:

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Is this ever going to recover?