RTS 28 execution venues

Where is the RTS 28 execution venues disclosure for Freetrade available to view for the previous year?

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This would be interesting to see. Thanks for raising - it should be in a machine-readable format on the website (PDF is ok for that purpose) by reporting year.

An example of how this is reported is how Barclays do it (no affiliation).

Edit: in case anyone is interested/wonders - it’s a MiFID requirement.


We’ll be releasing it soon.

I’m glad you explained that :wink:

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Thanks for the response Viktor. Will Quality of execution - RTS 27 data be released soon also?

@Viktor has there been any progress on this?

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My understanding is that the FCA have extended the deadline for this due to COVID - it’s now due by the end of June:

We expect firms to continue to meet their obligations including their obligations on client order handling.

We expect firms to take into account current market conditions when determining the relative importance they place on the different execution factors when meeting their obligations, and the venues or brokers they rely upon to achieve best execution. We would expect firms to consider their use of different types of orders to execute client order and manage risk during market volatility.

However, we have no intention of taking enforcement action where a firm:

  • does not publish RTS 27 by 1 April 2020, provided it is published no later than 30 June 2020
  • does not publish RTS 28 and Article 65(6) reports, provided they are published by 30 June 2020

We’re getting ours up this afternoon, but imagine it’s a bit simpler than FT’s! :nerd_face: