Sabien Technology - SNT

This company manufactures and distributes an energy-saving boiler control unit.

Is there any imminent news expected please? :blush:

It’s dropped ever since I got in. Any news?

Sabien Technology - Corporate Update - US Subsidiary Established

Seems like good news, released today!

At the time of posting its sitting at +9%, completely lucked out and made a small investment yesterday for 2000 shares. Considering purchasing a lot more later in the month, got a good feeling about it.

The market cap was something like £2m?

Seems to be sitting at a market cap of 5m now according to freetrade.

Lse chat seem positive after the news.

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Anyone lucky enough to be on board this rocket ship today?

It’s not what it looks like. There was a consolidation today and the chart on FT is all off.

Was there a reverse stock split then? Looking at Tradingview it says there was a split

Consolidation, 1 for 300.

According to FT between 9pm and 11pm I lost £80.
6% down on Sabien all day, but between 9pm and 11pm it suddenly decides to update it to 20%.
3pm to 4.30pm price changes not reflected until after 9pm?

Seems they’ve updated their site.

Have high hopes for this!

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