Show Earnings

Show actual earnings against expected earnings just like Robinhood :ok_hand:

Can you explain a bit what I’m looking at here? It’s not immediately clear to me :frowning:

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It’s showing how well the stock ‘YEXT’ has done in comparison to its expected earnings in the last 4 quarters. The dark green dots are showing what the expected earnings were in that quarter, the brighter dot is showing its actual earning in that quarter. For example in Q4 2018, its expected earnings per share (darker dot) was -$0.12. But its actual earnings per share (brighter dot) was -$0.10, and so performed better than expected :grinning:

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Fortunately in the UK we’re not caught up in the quarterly Wall Street charade of analyst estimates and subsequent ‘earnings beat’ and ‘earnings miss’ shenanigans…