The latest on the rollout

Right now you need to be a UK resident for tax purposes and have a UK bank account.

We’re hoping to expand into Europe next year!


Yes!! :rocket: And then 2020 in Elon Musk’s Mars base?


Question time, how many registered freetraders do we currently have? :slight_smile: :freetrade:

Thank you!

Any news on the US stocks implementation into the platform ?
Im waiting to move all my portfolio into Freetrade but I still cant as it consists of 90% US stocks :smiley:


I can’t find the post right now but I think they said they’re hoping for the next few weeks.

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Same with me, was thinking of getting iPhone but will decide bad on android version launch vs Alpha launch timeline.

Just a quick update, we invited the last users from the Early Access phase of the rollout today & started inviting users from the top of the queue :tada:

We’re adding another 400+ users today (depending on how many people are on Android) :chart_with_upwards_trend:


What if one can get hold of iPhone but was on Android originally?

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That works, you can swap back & forwards as much as you like :smile:

Since you’ve mentioned it, I can’t miss the opportunity to ask for everyone’s help reviewing the app in the App Store :raised_hands:

Freetrade iOS App Store Reviews ⭐️

As you say, hopefully this will work itself out as we add more & more users from the waiting list. It’s definitely not great in the meantime :disappointed:


Yeah agree with this. When I go into the review bit there are only 52 reviews, if you love the app, 5 star it!


Sorry for forgetting to reply to this last week :see_no_evil:

We’re up to 612 users now :tada:


Will we break the 1,000 user mark next Tuesday?

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Would also be interesting to know total amount assets held under management now.

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I don’t know! That’d be cool, it just depends on how many people we decide to invite..


We will release some more of those types of figures at some point but we need to decide exactly what they’ll be first :thinking:


You mean decide which metrics, or decide on the amount :scream::wink:

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I would have thought (or hoped!) this would have been in the Weekly Wrap?


As the app has officially launched does this mean I should stop using TestFlight and download the app as normal?