The latest on the rollout


I’ve been fortunate enough to be given super early testing access, super exited. Heres the but…I have Andrpid but can use my wife’s iphone. Question is once I set up the account via iphone, can I still use the same account on my Android when it eventually rolls out? Thanks!

(Alex Sherwood) #445

Yes that’ll be fine :smile:

(Richard) #446

Thanks for telling me something I already know!!
Not helpful when R3 investors are slipping further away from using a product they’ve invested in!!


Is tomorrow the weekly rollout to more users?

(Viktor) #448


(Vladislav Kozub) #449

Hey Richard, R3 investors who invested a certain amount (if I remember correctly, it was £500) get absolute priority over any referrers, straight after R1 and R2.

Moreover, @toby has said that R3 investors still will get a significant queue jumps regardless of the amount invested:

Ignoring that queue number for the time being may help. After all, it is still early testing and as you can see (i.e. not related to the queue position but manually selected based on the backgrounds), there are a few areas to improve. You just will be lucky not to experience all the issues other users have gone through and reported recently :slight_smile:


Super excited to receive the early testing invite today - 18 months of waiting since the R2 investment is finally over! For those who are concerned about dropping down the waiting list, I fell from around 2k to 3.3k prior to receiving the email today, so don’t lose faith, launch is arriving in earnest now!


How many more investors are there to roll out to before you get to the poor souls like me who aren’t investors but still think you guys are awesome?

(Alex Sherwood) #452

Today’s the start of the Early Access phase, from our plan for the rollout :tada:

We’re also going to add another 200 users to the app later today, on top of the roughly 150 that’re set up already.

So we’re getting there :chart_with_upwards_trend: But you won’t see your position in the app moving up the waitlist yet - we’re working to get that set up now.

It’s also worth mentioning that we still consider this as ‘beta’ testing for the app - we know that there’s still bugs that need fixing. The good news is that we had a new iOS engineer who started this week to help with that.

(Beth) #453


Do we have a timeline :see_no_evil:

(Alex Sherwood) #454

Not yet :pensive:

(Jim) #455

A timeline for the timeline ? :wink:


I should have invested in Freetrade.
I want to eat the buffet but I have not contributed towards the food :blush:

(Tony) #457

Oh fork! :grin:


Is freetrade now only available for UK residents? Do you have timeline for other european countries?

Sorry if it was answered before, couldn’t find.

(Alex Sherwood) #459

Right now you need to be a UK resident for tax purposes and have a UK bank account.

We’re hoping to expand into Europe next year!

(Big Boss) #460

Yes!! :rocket: And then 2020 in Elon Musk’s Mars base?

(Denislav) #461

Question time, how many registered freetraders do we currently have? :slight_smile: :freetrade:

Thank you!

(Georgi) #462

Any news on the US stocks implementation into the platform ?
Im waiting to move all my portfolio into Freetrade but I still cant as it consists of 90% US stocks :smiley:

(Chris) #463

I can’t find the post right now but I think they said they’re hoping for the next few weeks.