The latest on the rollout

(Viktor) #423

Please ping us on live chat! :+1:

(Alex Sherwood) #424

We’ve just activated the last batch of users for today :tada:

If you received an email about receiving access yesterday & haven’t received the invite to TestFlight yet, please do send me a message here or contact us via live chat on the website.


I guess I will have to wait for the next batch… :sob::sob::sob:


HI @alex.s ! I received the email yesterday but not today’s invite to TestFlight! Waiting for it! Thanks!

(Andrew Clark) #427

Hi, my onboarding went wonky and it says not to worry, you’ll be in touch. Is that right, happy to resolve via chat or similar. Thanks

(Alex Sherwood) #428

We will :muscle:

Please do :raised_hands:


I’m 99! Sorry :speak_no_evil:

(Richard) #430

Lucky you, I’m an R3 investor and I steadily slip down the list. Currently now at 1910 from 1884 a couple of days ago!!


I’m an R2 and R3 and I’m sat near to 12400 :sob:


Currently at 1069. I’m R3, have referred 4 people, received two invitations (from Viktor and Alex) but must twiddle my thumbs until the Android roll out! :sweat_smile::sob:


Do you guys work on a Sunday? I made my first payment to Freetrade on Friday and thought I’d write to you guys about it tomorrow. Wasn’t sure if you work weekends or if I should wait until Monday.

(Alex Sherwood) #434

We work Monday to Friday at the moment. Here’s how we process transfers -

deposits are processed during working hours (9am-6pm, Mon-Fri), in batches

the full details are here.

Freetrade is Out :fire: Share your first thoughts once you get access!

That’s what I thought. Okay, thank you :slight_smile:


Our cash deposit process currently involves some manual intervention, to bridge the gap between the legacy banking data we are reliant on and our systems, and so isn’t as fast as we’d like.

This part is interesting… sounds blog worthy.
In terms of speed, I agree it isn’t ideal but isn’t much of a problem as you can only do anything meaningful with your deposits during market open hours anyway. With this being said, it’d be nice if deposits could eventually begin processing at 8am to match the market’s opening hour.

(Josy-Baroness Boakye) #438

Thought this might be useful feedback to provide. Had to log out of my iCloud and that reset all my apps. Logging back in was seamless - which often isn’t the case with finance apps so was pleasantly surprised

(Richard) #439

Wanna pass me you’re invite


I’ve slipped yet again to 1932!!


Sorry, my invite has already gone to a happy iPhone owner! :roll_eyes:

I’ve dropped to 1090 now…

(Richard) #441

You’re dropping?! It’s amazing how I keep getting further and further away:expressionless:

(Alex Sherwood) #442

Don’t forget that there’s other users who are recommending Freetrade to their friends & getting bumped up the list.

(Joseph Goh) #443

I am at position #12 ! Looking forward to receive the update email from Freetrade :laughing: