The latest on the rollout

(User # 93) #402

Same! Chomping at the bit to get on


My inbox is starting to smoke. Too many refresh attempts!


I think he may have jinxed it :joy:


To be fair I think Apple review TestFlight apps and they’re waiting for Apple to review it.

(Alex Sherwood) #407

Just a quick update, we’re adding users in batches of about 30 & we’ve now sent invites to around 70 users (we did a test with 10 first :wink:), we’ll be adding everyone else within the next couple of hours :running_man:


It was just a joke mate


I know, I dont think Ian jinxed the app…it was a general message for anyone who might care :joy:

(Tommy Lowe) #410



Freetrade user #105. Missed out on the sub :100: but thrilled to be onboard nonetheless. Smooth Monzo-esque login procedure!

(Georgi) #412

Hello interested to know what are you working hours?
Im waiting on my identity check and just want to know in which hours are those checks processed?

(Alex Sherwood) #413

We work 9 - 6 :slight_smile:

(Vladislav Kozub) #414

And yet, when I contact support at 11 pm, I get the response by midnight on the same day! :eyes:

(Alex Sherwood) #415

We can’t promise that we’ll always respond outside of those times but we’ll do our best :purple_heart:


I also get responses before 9… awww man who keeps resetting the clocks :sweat_smile:

(Steve Sharrott) #417

Freetrade user #107. I love the graph animations!:grinning:

(Andy) #418

User #90. Extremely straight forward apart from an initial verification screen that was solved in about 60 seconds.

(Steve Sharrott) #419

Had setup account and waiting for funds to appear, then experienced a crash and app wants to setup an account again! How to proceed?

(Alex Sherwood) #420

Sorry about that Steve, could you please send us a message via the live chat tool so that we can look into that?

(Steve Sharrott) #421

alex.s Not sure if you’ve sorted this already, but app is now working OK and personal details are present.


Still waiting for funds to show up … been over 2 hours. Bit of a hold-up today, or is it me?