The latest on the rollout

(Theodore Gregory) #381

In the same boat as you! Honored to have received an invite but alas I’ve an Android. Weighing up throwing down some student load on an old iPhone just for this…


Don’t take on debt to buy stocks. Just send all of your money to @Viktor and he’ll invest it for you right?

(Gareth) #383

Received my invite, but I’m on Android too! :disappointed_relieved:

Although it’s got me thinking, I’ve got a super old iPod Touch lying around somewhere - what version of iOS is required?

(Alex Sherwood) #384

(Georgi) #385

Super excited to get onboard tomorrow morning and dig into the Freetrade app. A couple of questions before I get started though :
-Is the freetrade platform available on the app only or you can access it online from a PC/Laptop?
-How much stocks are there currently in the app?
Just the FTSE 100 or just UK based ones?
-Is there a point to spam you with all the yet missing stocks which I want to invest in or should I wait until you start getting more stocks into the app ?
-Is that going to be the same app as the final release ? What i mean is is there a point to put my portfolio in or I will need to change it again later on with the final release of the app?

(Alex Sherwood) #386

It’s app only, you can vote for a web interface here Desktop / web interface.

There’s over 110 stocks & ETFs in the app at the moment. Here’s everything we’re hoping to make available eventually

It’s UK only for now. The second tab in that spreadsheet :point_up: lists the US stocks that we’re planning to add.

Please request those here.

Yes but we’ll be adding more features over time. You won’t need to move your portfolio later on or do anything like that.

(Jim) #387

Got the invite for tomorrow :smile:

Is your account linked to your device in anyway? I can dig out an iPhone 5c for testing purposes but I’ll be transitioning to an Android device long term.

( ie. can you be logged into the same account on two different devices )

(Alex Sherwood) #388

No :smile:

(Gareth) #389

@alex.s Thanks, unfortunately I think it’s too old to have that iOS so i’ll just have to wait out for the Android version. Will there be a bunch of super early testers for that App too?

(Alex Sherwood) #390

That’s a shame :pensive:

It’s too early to say for sure but I’d be surprised if we don’t.

(Steve Sharrott) #391

Can’t quite believe it. Received Super Early Testing Access starting tomorrow morning. Chuffed to bits - COME ON!!!


I’ve only just found this forum recently despite investing!

Looking forward to seeing the rollout progress. No emails for me just yet!

(Alex Sherwood) #393

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(Viktor) #394

Welcome to the forum! :raised_hands:


Have you pushed the big red button yet? :red_circle:

(Steve Sharrott) #396

Getting a bit twitchy myself. No invite code yet!


Only 33 mins left of this morning so should be any moment now…

(Alex Sherwood) #398

Not yet, I’ll drop a message here as soon as we do. We’re just waiting for the next TestFlight update to go out first..

(Richard varga) #399

Haha So i’m not the only one who are glued to their emails today waiting for the test flight email today after yesterday’s email I received! Haven’t been this excited for a long time haha!