'This app is no longer compatible with your device' Play Store message

Hmmm :eyes:

I wonder what the issue is here :sweat_smile: I’m on stock Android 9.0 :joy:

Strange! Could you try troubleshooting that using these steps & let us know if you can’t find the cause?

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Device passed safetynet / CTS. Device is certified in the play store. This is the only app I’ve ever faced a problem with, even banking apps work fine and, debatably, they’re even more picky about security.

I don’t want freetrade to be lax with their security :policeman: but take an approach like monzo have done and let the app run on a device that’s supported and trust that your app’s security is doing its job.

A rooted device isn’t less likely to be secure - I’d argue that in most cases, it’s likely to be more secure. People who root generally know what they’re doing and even more often it’s people bringing older devices into the modern era by flashing custom ROMs on older devices to keep them up to date and patched against the latest vulnerabilities :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m super glad to hear that freetrade want to remove the CTS check but that was 25 days ago :sweat_smile: has this been done? :eyes: