Top up funds error


I opened the account yesterday and topped up £100 from a linked bank account when worked fine
Today I have tried to top up £200 from the same linked bank account. The app hung and then stopped responding whilst processing the payment.
It has been debitted from my bank account but not showing up in Freetrade balance.

Can I get this looked into please

I’m sure the team will respond to you as soon as they can if you ask this question in the app but I’m not sure if money gets deposited to your account on a weekend given that none of the markets are open.

I believe funds will be deposited first thing on Monday.

Hi @maas2004 -

As very helpfully pointed out, your deposit is most likely queued to be allocated first thing on Monday.

If you could reply to my DM with a few more details I’ll be able to verify the status for you :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone. Damon has checked the account and verified it is there to be credited on Monday :slight_smile:


Great :ok_hand::wink: