US market showing as closed

Hi, I’ve just tried to invest in a US stock but it says the market is closed. However when I checked the opening times it says the market is open til 9. Does anyone know why it is saying it is closed?

Early closing today because Thanksgiving was yesterday.


Closed early today due to post-Thanksgiving.


Oh, ok, thank you! I was confused because the app said it was open until 9. Probably should have just googled it!

Did you not receive any in-app notifications?
I received about 4 - which is the only reason I knew in advance, to be honest.
You can check whether you did via ‘contact us’ > ‘see all your conversations’:


Ah, yes, I have got that but apparently never read it. To be fair, it does say on the app that the market is closed, but when you click on the opening times says it is open til 9. Definitely my mistake overall, but it would help if it was the same information everywhere.

Hi @tobyj

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This is an odd one as the US market does close for public holidays but rarely do they close early so it’s hard to update the app for these rare occasion ( I’d guess )

Glad you got the info you need though. :ok_hand:t2: