What is going on today? - Megathread

Me, I added to my LGEN holding this morning.

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It’s so fun buying at any time and watching everything drop another 3% each time you buy in.

Then you’re like jdbdhshsheheh :frowning:


Natural gas price is collapsing (Good news for dis-inflation)

Any futures/commodities experts out there? When will providers pass this on to us consumers?

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I’m no expert, but I believe a lot of the energy companies buy their supplies or hedge at a certain price in advance, so I wouldn’t expect to see a reduction to the end consumer for a few months yet.


Spot or futures price?

Previous was the spot price.

Here are the Futures


I hope they’re locking in some while it’s cheap


They didn’t learn from the mortgage crash!

I guess question is whether they’ll pass the prices on…

Seeing how the politicians are acting behind the scenes it is highly unlikely people will see any meaningful lowering in cost. The gas companies will explain that due to expansion & employee hiring it has become more expensive to operate and therefore the necessity for higher prices is justifiable.

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Is it not like 3 months it’s passed to us used to be 6?

All I see happning on April’s prices is standing charges increasing to counter us all not using energy

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My energy prices per KwH for day rate are decreasing, night rate increasing same as standing charge

EU inflation rate decelerating fast

EU 6.9% actual vs 8.5% expected


We’re in double digits in the UK currently, and it went up from Feb, instead of going down. How / why do they expect to reach 2% in 2024? Just raising BoE rate?

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The expected inflation is a big driver of the actual inflation. By saying it will go down, they actually try to bring it down. :smile:
Sounds dumb, but - as all metrics in an economy - inflation is sometimes influenced by expectations more than actual events.

Whilst workers can strike, inflation will continue. It’s an obvious indicator of pricing power of labour in which the whole west is going through right now.

And yes, as much as everyone on loans hates it, demand must be curtailed and that involves high interest rates.

Mainly with the fed, a bit the BOE, ECB, BOJ and china. BOE is restricted by a balance of payments issue which will ultimately dictate how much inflation we get on the pound as that will be the release valve.

INFLATION in desirable or required assets will continue to stay and fluctuate and persist up & up & down and over longer periods inflate further & further.

If multiple people, companies or institutional investors all want things and scarcity continues then so will inflation. This will in time create buying opportunities into parts of sectors that fall under the radar for sometime.

Back in 2020/21 the people on furlough being paid 80% to 100% of their salaries thought they were getting richer by saving most of their income with little expenses, when in fact they were getting significantly poorer as desirable assets catapulted higher and many were not asset owners taking part in the growth.

Like all the top posters on here will have said at the time, the £700Billion - £800Billion was directly and indirectly always going to flow into the hands of the asset owners.

The asset owners (Tesco Bosses, Petrol Companies, Real Estate Owners, Energy Bosses) knew many people had inflated personal savings ready to drop on things so the price spiral continued, ultimately leading to most of that furlough money handed back to the asset owners, and them some.

This has left a huge gap between asset owners and non asset owners.

Many asset owners are happy to raise prices and have less custom, as long as the top line is rising at or slightly above their desired inflation target to sustain their lifestyle needs.

No matter how you look at it, the only way forward is to work harder / smarter / tougher / more skilled and accept an even lower quality of life to get a chance to become an asset owner. The stress & pressure is real. Most people are pretty happy content souls so it likely will not be devastating, just awkward.

My personal view is that 2nd home buying should have been halted for 3 years from March 23rd 2020 and then from the new tax year 2023 income tax should start at £21,000 and the wealthy should be taxed higher.

Many £650k properties are now £850k. Yet the interest you’ll likely pay of the mortgage is like £350,000 more than 2019… To combat this you’d need your wage to rise outlandishly (like 40%) and around the same time you’d need the over-leveraged multi property owners to unload rather quickly.

I see the UK about to have a growth of people doubling their salaries within a year, leaving their £25k positions and flying straight into £40k - £50k positions through sheer determination. That is solidifying inflation on top of everything else.

Which kinda sucks to have to work that hard to keep up. I think income tax should have gone up to £21,000 to equal out the ridiculous inequality throughout covid. None of these companies or asset owners done anything special deserving of that extra wealth given to them, handed over by tax payers money. It is absolutely sick but I’ll finish on a positive note.

Work. Freaking. Hard. And. Demand. Higher. Pay. Or. Leave. To. Work. For. An. Entrepreneur. Who. Will. Pay. You. A. Current. Salary. Worthy. Of. The. Times. We. Are. In.


Good compilation of recent research:


Thats a fantastic compilation of information and reading. Thank you :blush:

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US inflation rate coming down 5% actual vs 5.2% expected.


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