Founding Member - couple of questions

(Stu) #1

Hi Guys

Got my invite yesterday and I’m in and ready to trade! The app looks great but I have a couple of questions:

1.) As a R2 Founding Member investor should I not be getting premium (instant) trades for free? The app wants to charge me £1 unless I trade at end of day.
2.) When do I get the cool icon on my profile?!?



(Kenny Grant) #2

They haven’t activated Alpha status yet. Hopefully soon.

(Stu) #3

Ah OK - thanks Kenny.

(Tommy Lowe) #4

(Alex Sherwood) #5

You should but we haven’t set this up in the app yet. So we’ll refund you any commission that you pay until we make the change that’ll mean that don’t get charged for instant trades at all.

The only thing is, it may be a while before we process the refunds so if you can’t wait, please use basic trades for now :raised_hands:

(Stu) #6

That’s great - thanks Alex


Isn’t the unintended consequence of this policy that it is open to abuse? For instance, a founding user could game a high volume of instant purchases to accrue income on relatively safe trades e.g. Gilts.

(Vladislav Kozub) #8

What would be the rationale for that? Is it no easier to just make a large instant order and be done with it?

Also, no one will stop them from doing so after Alpha is released, but that is the benefit of being Alpha user / Founding member, so hard to call it abuse either :slight_smile:


Actually, there is no rationale, what I initially thought doesn’t make sense on second thoughts. I ignored one side of the equation.

(Stu) #10

Was that the side where I spend £1 just to recoup £1? :grin:


Forgive me, I’d just read the front page FT article on how “mirror trades” were used in the ongoing Danske bank money laundering scandal which got me thinking a little too hastily :sweat_smile:

(Denislav) #12

We can never ignore @Diversify :slight_smile: