Limited Freetrade account access

So I found myself in a situation where having an active account on Freetrade I cannot use it. My smartphone is in repair and will stay there for the next 2 weeks. During this time I can’t buy anything, I can’t sell anything, I am simply left without the ability to operate my account even though we live in an age where even watches have an internet connection. I am of course writing this from my desktop computer, with which I could of course take care of all this, if only Freetrade would finally take into account how important for their customers unlimited access to their account is. Restricting customers to accessing their account only through a mobile app is simply not taking them seriously. It speaks very poorly of Freetrade that this plan to access via the web browser is still unfulfilled. :disappointed:


May I suggest you try to use an emulator during the time your phone is away?

Using an emulator could be illegal

@Raul Thanks for the suggestion, but since I’m using iOS I don’t see this as an option. The only trustworthy option in this regard is the emulator built into Xcode, which is a developer tool. So there is no way to install and run apps from the App Store.

@WillyWostok Yes, I agree. In this case it’s not even possible.

So basically you’re complaining about the lack of a web interface. There is a topic for that, you know.

Here you go:

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I wouldn’t be able to access any of my broker accounts without a phone. Not because they don’t have a web interface but because I wouldn’t be able to receive my 2FA codes to log in.


This is a bit OTT and I would counter that the person who joined a mobile based trading platform that doesn’t offer desktop use and then complained about it, didn’t actually take their choice of broker seriously.

FT is openly aimed at long term investment and being away for a couple days shouldn’t be an issue unless day trading which is what FT say they are not about. I would like a desktop option, although I don’t use my other platform web offerings, but I wouldn’t criticize FT for being exactly what they claimed to be when I joined. :joy:


Yes, I know… There are many topics about this and people seem to be looking forward to this feature. Unfortunately, there’s no indication that this option is coming anytime soon and there’s no meaningful response from the developers on the matter.

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I’m not saying I don’t have a phone. I do have my SIM active and can receive 2FA codes. I don’t have my smartphone to run the app.

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They might be busy with other stuff, like the massive expansion into Europe etc. I’m sure that web access is on the horizon, but priorities are priorities.


Yes, you are absolutely right. I shouldn’t complain that there is no option to access your account outside of the mobile app. However, I find myself in a situation where I don’t have access to it even though I need it. It’s not related to whether I’m investing long term or short term, maybe I just need emergency money right now. In the age of the internet, accessing an online account through a web browser seems to be something basic, as it gives the customer the ability to access the account regardless of circumstances. I really miss this right now and hence I described my situation. Perhaps someone at Freetrade will notice this and take it into consideration.


I do understand the situation :+1: but I was referring to the comment of FT not taking customers seriously only. They are working on it and have said many times but people act as if it is a very simple thing to magic up. In reality it may not be the priority so will come in it’s own time.

Even though I think it would be a great addition I know/worry what it will unleash :joy: :man_facepalming: Instantly people will demand FT add this, that and every other function to it. This will then turn FT into a replica of the many complicated platforms with many options. FT is my favourite platform by far for the ease of use whereas some are pretty confusing.

I would guess the vast majority of users LOVE the simplicity of FT and would hate it getting more complicated. Obviously we don’t hear the voices of the many happy customers and just the tiny minority who complain so it seems a bigger issue than reality.

I do agree though that they need a back up of some sort and seeing as customer service is hard to get hold of for many then a web service does actually seem needed. Even a dedicated line for emergency or something.


I think the web version could be as simple as the mobile one. I don’t necessarily see FT as the new exchange. I understand your point though regarding priorities, although it would be great to hear from developers from time to time about the plans.

When I look at the “Things we’re working on” section, there is no sign of it.


Granted it is old but here is a link

FT position


A look through that thread gives you a better picture than their plan in the blog. As I said it would be good and specifically for when phones are dead etc another option is needed if customer service can’t be available but if they did launch a basic desktop then the barrage of complaints would be huge! People always want more and TBF to FT it is a hard balance to please all.

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I totally get your point and I thank you for the links. I appreciate your input but what I think about web interface, I think about giving people access rather then additional features. This could be solved in the future by adding something like FT PRO mode with extended interface and perhaps additional tools. I hope I’m making sense.


Given how cheap an android smartphone or tablet is as an interim measure I’m not sure the fuss is warranted. It’s not as if FT suddenly removed some access types. I think you can get a phone for under £30. I have an old one on standby, updated and ready if needed. I do this because like you, it means a lot to me.


Do you really think you will be able to trade for free and have low account maintenance fee along with a great customer support if they provided you all the same features as a regular broker ???

People have to be realistic for a second and as people said numerous times on this thread just buy a 30 quid phone.


@David2, I don’t understand why you think that I expect Freetrade to offer me some additional tools like other brokers, and for free? What I would really like is to have access to my account from a web browser. I would like to have access to exactly the same thing I have access to from my phone, and it is not something you have to build from scratch, it is already there.

And as for the suggestion of buying a second spare phone, yes, that is some sort of temporary solution, but since it’s been mentioned many times as you suggest, maybe it’s not worth repeating.


It isn’t already there, would take time and money to develop a web based client and it has been stated many times it’s not a priority.

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If you have a tablet, you can easily access your account by downloading the app. My account is visible on both devices, mobile and tablet.

Whilst the issue here maybe a pain for yourself whilst your own phone is being repaired, I don’t think a web app is a necessity. It’s a nice to have if anything. Okay, so your phone is being fixed and given the circumstances it is not ideal, but in reality it’s not the end of the world unless you’re day trading… which the app is not designed for.

If you have your SIM and a spare phone that has access to apps you can download the app, login and away you go.

On a side note, two weeks is quite a long time for a phone repair!