Still no sign of land…Template for parsing .CSV from FT into Usable Format?

“Look. I tell you what. Those who want to can eat Johnson. And you, sir, can have my leg. And we make some stock from the Captain, and then we’ll have Johnson cold for supper.”

As much as ‘Lifeboat’ is one of my favourite sketches from the Flying Circus, the lack of useful EOY reporting from FT is one of my least-favourite feature gaps from Freetrade. We’ve been live for three years now, and this lack of basic hygiene is like being forced to eat the Captain’s gammy leg.

That said, we are where we are.

Freetrade CS told me to expect a .CSV activity statement that will only show transaction details. So parsing fun awaits!

I assume some of you have already been through this process. Does anyone have a robust Google Doc or Excel Sheet I can just repurpose, dropping in my CSV to show a quick calculation of net gain/loss, dividends & interest?

I will be glad to pay you a tenner, or 15 MonkeyBucks (see $MBS on FTX) into your Solana wallet.


Yep. 3.5-year-old thread with no clear sign of land. :slight_smile:

Folks, I have a small amount of creating spreadsheets experience in my last job using csv data and re imaging it to usable format with filtering etc, unfortunately I haven’t been with FT long (3 months) enough to see the content of the FT CSV. file, but happy to reconstruct an appropriate excel sheet if anyone can send me a redacted csv file and see what I can create
Neil do you a FT csv template I can work on for the benefit of others



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Hi everyone, I’ve created small converter from FreeTrade format to the format I need, it is published here 4

It’s early alpha and does not support all the cases as I was able to test it only on my own report.

Feel free to test and share your thoughts/ideas/bugs.


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