Unable to get hold of Freetrade Customer Services via chat or email

I have recently closed an account with Freetrade and I require a closure statement as well as some monthly transaction statements, however I have been unable to get hold of anyone via the in-app chat or by email for over a week.

Please can someone respond to my messages / emails so that I can get the information I need??


Hi @tobya_c,

So sorry about this experience :pensive:

We’re extremely busy with high volumes of queries at the moment, so we’ve not been able to get back to everyone in our usual speedy timeframe.

We’re working on this as a priority though, with the team actively expanding and working on internal processes for efficiencies.

If you could pop us an email via reviews@freetrade.io we’ll get this checked out right away.

Hi @robjackson,

Thank you for getting back to me, I have just sent a message to the above email address.

Many thanks,

Same 5 days wait for accounting info