We'll start testing incentivised referrals (free shares!) within weeks 👯

I think the gifting stock idea is great! Maybe a bit late for this referral scheme, as it will take some development effort, but definitely promising for the future!


You can vote for gifting shares here: Gifting Shares as a feature or stock gift vouchers here: Freetrade "Gift Vouchers" :gift:

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Alex, you are pretty fast on the trigger! thanks! :slight_smile:


I think gifting shares to friends and family who are already on freetrade would be nice too. How this would work I dont know as a social/friends on freetrade tab would clutter things rn

Don’t worry too much about the design, we can always rejig things if necessary :woman_artist:

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Any ideas when the Free Stocks will be added to our accounts? I’ve just got mine queued at the moment, saying it will be revealed in a few weeks

So exciting :money_mouth_face:

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Calmly waiting for Android referrals, got a couple people lined up

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We’re finalising that piece of work. We may not give a shout when that’s done, because we want to let you enjoy the surprise. :red_gift_envelope:


Every other company’s refer schemes let the link be used infinite times, ie you get paid for each new client referred. Affiliation is a business, if I write, say, an investing blog, I can hardly post a one-use-only referrer link. If it works well, then I will pay (FB, Google etc.) to promote the blog with the link on it.

Don’t mind the ‘free share’ concept (like RH) rather than a fixed amount, that’s like a little gamble, and adds to the interest (and tbh, speaking as a FT investor, probably works out cheaper).

Does the link initially take them to App Store to install the app?

Referral programs and affiliates are two different things.

Ok fair enough. So each FreeTrade user can only refer one person ever?

Definitely not! Users will get more invites over time of course. We are only rolling this out for testing right now.

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Oh ok, that’s alright then. As I am now an investor, I would do quite a lot free anyway :grinning: but clearly I would do more if incentivised.

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Presumably you can sell immediately & invest elsewhere


Maybe but most referral programs also use 1 URL or identifier (e.g. your referrer’s account number) for multiple referrals


Share your feedback & questions about Free Shares here: MEGATHREAD: Free Share updates and feedback 🎟