What is going on today? - Megathread

You ain’t seen nothin yet

3% up today!

Come Monday though, I have to agree with my learned colleagues above :see_no_evil::smile::sunglasses:



Bear markets often have quite big reversals where people think it’s all over - we’ve already seen one in March, so this upswing could go on for days or weeks. I don’t see any reversal of the trends causing the crash - interest rates rising, earnings falling with a backdrop of war and inflation.


All trades are greyed out this morning can’t buy or sell???

It’s working ok for me. Ensure that the app is up to date, and try restarting.

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I’ve had that twice today already.

More and more bugs on the app recently…

I’d say probably likely it’s the cross development in the website and app, via or on one of their backend APIs.

They have said they’re working on bringing share buys and sells to the website amongst other related features, so seems a coincidence for those buy/sell buttons to not be working, been other posts elsewhere about it as well.


Wait, FT has a site now?
Edit: how functional is it?

Yeah there’s a website beta - 💻 Beta Testing for Freetrade Web

Only turned on for Plus users at the moment, not entirely up to App feature level yet

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QUICK Question:

Yet again I do not agree with anything I am hearing, so -

Is anybody else still of a similar thinking that the market was waaaay higher than it should have been ending 2020 and that a readjustment of even 10-20% would be the most normal next step?

Even by trying to avoid hearing things, I am still hearing like Dave Ramsay etc continually state the market is ‘down from its highs’ the ‘market is on sale’. It’s like, is it actually on sale yet? Or is this simply the obvious 20% shaving off-of the extreme overvaluation of 2020/21?

The market began declining BEFORE huge inflation really kicked in and the real issues are only just beginning to be felt in the majority of peoples pockets.

So I am still on the same thought, this is not a crash, it is a 20% decline from an overinflated S&P 500 which rallied 108% in 1 year.

A crash would be another 30% down from todays value. Which could show its self in 2024 or 2027 or not for another decade.

Which is why I am still 99% cash. Because I actually have no idea where to enter into growth, apart from two diversified index funds… I still see no imminent rush to enter.

Though that could change come September/Oct. A decline then or a positive upward trend could be my entry.

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check out the compound podcast on youtube

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I don’t know the answer to this but I guess my question would be if you don’t know then why is all cash preferable to all stock? If you genuinely aren’t sure either way then they both present risks…?

What you are saying will make uncomfortable reading for many. But IMO the essence of it is true - the market decline began before the inflation story kicked in. This latter story i.e. inflation and now recession adds to the impetus of further (probably substantial) market declines.

It really should make everyone think about their investing thesis. For sure those who comment “buy the dip” etc don’t seem to have understood that a new wind is blowing. To be fair to all these people, often it is not until we are well into a crash that people begin to realise that things are bad. They often get fooled by Bulls running in bear markets (Individual darling stocks or just general dead cat bounce type events). Going to the dot com crash: we see a crash that took Nasdaq down in the region of 75% and then 15 years before it regained its 2000 high.

In the grand scheme of things crashes are not so bad: as demand goes down supply has to adjust. That means wholesale industry changes and new companies … better technologies etc etc. Once these changes start to bed in the supply side starts meeting the new demand and so on. Ok, if you lose your shirt, blouse or other form of top perhaps it is no consolation that life is going to be good for people 15 years down the road.

Happy investing people. Take the time to read and educate yourself more - quality sources.


People in investing always say you can’t see the future but in some cases it’s always been right in front of their faces.

This was one of those easy ones to judge.

TL;DR (as far as I can understand it)

a) inflation is no longer seen as transitory, but rather as persistent;

b) low inflation is not coming back soon;

c) austerity in fiscal policy must return


The ECB haven’t even started to wind up their government bond buying QE program. Greece, Italy & Portugal are heading into this cold spell with nothing but a pair budgie smugglers & a lilo filled some hopeful economic policies.


European Countries with debt to gdp above 100%:

Belgium 108
France 113
Greece 193
Italy 151
Montenegro 103
Portugal 127
Spain 118

2008-2009 all over again :pleading_face: :disappointed:

I like to sleep well at night. Above 40 is already too hot for me to take a good night of rest


The UK not far from that at 94

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only another 18 months to go … https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/06/30/13-trillion-wiped-markets-worst-six-months-record/

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You are trying to time the market.

No ones knowes the bottom.

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